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January 20, 2022by plumber


Both homeowners and tenants stand to gain from a national free boiler scheme as a result of the latest Warmth Allowance legislation. Free Boiler Grants are a one-stop Green Deal installer who receives federal funds to replace old and inefficient boilers with more environmentally friendly models.

Eco Boiler Replacement Scheme Details

If you are eligible to receive a no-cost replacement of your boiler, our team will make sure that the entire process is handled for you. We’ll install a brand new A-rated boiler for your home that is efficient enough to help reduce your heating bills by up to £300 per year in heating expenses, in addition to providing any subsequent aftercare free of charge. Over the last 15 years, over 60,000 residents have benefited from this government boiler scheme. And you may be eligible as well.

What do I need to do to qualify to receive an Eco-Boiler Grant?

The two primary requirements can be found in the fact that it is accessible to private and residential tenants as well as homeowners and private tenants. The other requirement is that their boiler is older than 7 years prior to that date, since it is considered more economical to maintain as well as repair the boiler instead of replacing it.

If you are eligible for these two points, you can take advantage of the free eco-boiler plan, which is open to people who have received six different benefits from the government:

  • Child Tax Credits
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Pension Credits
  • ESA for Earned Income
  • Income-Related JSA
  • Universal Credit

Anyone who is eligible for at least one of these benefits has a good likelihood of qualifying for the present boiler grant. However, even those who do not could be eligible to receive a chance to take advantage of the grant.

People who aren’t eligible for a free boiler might be eligible for a substantial discount on a new model. In addition to taking care of the free replacement process from beginning to finish, on Free Boiler Grants, we can offer quotes to those interested in a possible discount. It is as easy as entering your postcode into this form.

What are the advantages of applying?

It is estimated that boilers older than seven years old are only operating at 65% of their efficiency. That means you could be losing 35p for every pound of energy you use. The positive side is that the newer boilers with an A-rating can perform at a minimum efficiency of 90. This means less than 10p of wasted energy per pound. Through the period of one year, this could result in some amazing savings for the consumer as a bill payer.

The boiler grant application that is free on our website is simple and quick. It takes just 60 seconds to determine if you qualify for the federal Warmth Allowance. All you have to do is type in your postcode, and you’ll be taken to a short 3-step process. Once you’ve completed some questions regarding the type of house you reside in as well as any income-related benefits being received by your family, Our team of experts will take care of the rest.

To learn more about the savings each month you can make with the boiler scheme for free, you can connect with our team right now. We have helped thousands of tenants and homeowners across the UK. Our heating experts are more than willing to assist you with the process of applying and finding out if you are eligible for an exemption from the government boiler program.

1. Government boiler grants are financed by major energy companies.

The name implies that energy firms (which are home to more than two million domestic consumers) are legally bound to support their customers and participate in ECO. This means that energy companies, including traditional providers such as British Gas, EDF Energy, and Scottish Power, must provide funding to help families with lower incomes in the nation’s most fuel-poor regions save cash by heating or insuring their homes more effectively.

2. ECO will be running throughout 2019.

The program was initially scheduled to run until the year 2015, but due to its popularity, the scheme was extended to 2019. Be sure to make an application for the boiler grant with the form provided above prior to the time that ECO shuts down!

3. It is the Affordable Warmth Obligation that also has additional grants as well.

In the context of the Affordable Warmth Obligation, which is part of ECO, which is a part of ECO, you could be eligible for a grant that will aid in the cost of insulation for your home or boiler repairs, or, better yet, buy a modern Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi, or Ideal A-rated condensing boiler that is energy efficient.

4. ECO was introduced to replace it with the Warm Front scheme.

You might have heard about the Warm Front scheme, which ended in January of 2013. Do not fret if you weren’t able to apply, since ECO provides identical benefits to those who have received them.

5. ECO is available only for purchase in England, Scotland, and Wales.

If you reside in Northern Ireland, there is an alternative program known as Warm Homes Grants. You can visit Home Heating Guide to find out more details about the grant, its requirements, and the process for applying.

6. To be eligible, you must be a homeowner or live in a privately rented property.

If you live in a privately rented property, you’ll need approval from the landlord. However, you are not eligible for the grant if you’re living in a council-owned property.

7. You must be receiving certain benefits in order to be eligible to apply.

To be eligible to receive a government boiler grant, you must be receiving specific benefits (and perha£ meet other requirements). You will find all the information on this in our criteria for qualifying.

8. You’re most likely to profit from ECO. If your boiler is old, damaged or not efficient,

Your boiler should be running at less than 86% efficiency to be eligible for a new one. This is more likely to happen with boilers that are older. To be eligible for boiler grants, your boiler must be at least 8 years old.

9. You may be asked to contribute.

You are required to contribute towards the purchase of a new boiler, but in certain instances, the expense might be covered completely through the grant. The amount you pay for will be much lower than what you’d have to spend on a new boiler that is not covered by the ECO grant, and you can benefit from energy savings of up to £300 per year.

10. The process of applying for a grant is extremely simple!

All you have to do is enter your postcode in order to begin the application process. You will then have to answer a few questions to find out whether you meet the eligibility conditions. Our helpful staff will contact you at a time that is convenient for you to confirm your information, walk you through the application process, and answer any questions you may have.A certified surveyor will visit your house to ensure everything is working and then approve the grant. The Gas Safe registered installer can install your new boiler, and you will begin saving money on your energy bills!


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